Tips from YouTube Vids

Here are some of the videos that began my love for nail art. Without YouTube videos, I would never have learned about these awesome techniques and designs. Make sure to check these YouTuber’s other videos and subscribe to them!

French manicure by MszJackieChu

At home dotting tool. This is what I used before purchasing an actual dotting tool. By Cute Polish

Removing glitter polishes. This makes life 1000x easier. By Cute Polish

One of the coolest and easiest nail designs I’ve ever learned. By Cute Polish

Where I learned that you can use acrylic paint for nail art and that it is much easier to use than nail polish. By IHaveACupcake

Perfect Ombre nail. By Simple Nail Art Desgins

***This page will be updated as I come across new things I’m inspired by!


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