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St. Louis Blues Hockey nails

I’m not much of a hockey fan…but I love repping my community whenever I can. Since today’s a playoff game day, why not do what I do best and decorate my nails! But the note was much harder to make than I thought. 

I’m from St. Louis, the best small big-city. We’re big enough to have important businesses and major league sports teams, but small enough to not have a major population and major traffic all the time. I love to show my city pride whenever I can.

That’s the case with these nails. I’m not a hockey fan, rarely watch any games, but I’m glad the St. Louis Blues are advancing in the playoffs. I wanted to do a St. Louis Blues hockey inspired nails.

This picture I found online inspired what I wanted on my nails:st-louis-blues-1


I mostly like my nails, but the freakin note was so hard to make! I tried five different times. As I was losing my patience, I tried one last time and just decided to stay with it. On my ring finger I did the note. On my thumb I did the stripe design.

*Sorry for the out of focus thumb :p
*Sorry for the out of focus thumb :p

Colors Used:

Navy: OPI Eurso…Euro

Silver: Sinful Colors

Black: Kiss Nail Art Striper Polish

White: Orly White Tips

Gold: Color Club Gold Glitter Striper Polish

Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 11.12.04 AM


3 thoughts on “St. Louis Blues Hockey nails

  1. That blue is SO GORGEOUS! I have just decided that I need you to paint my nails that color next time we hang out please and thank you


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