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Swatch: OPI Live and Let Die

Today I wore one of the polishes from my ULTA Haul. Here’s OPI Live and Let Die from the James Bond Skyfall collection.

OPI Live and Let Die is a dark dark dark green (with a teal tint) and with subtle gold shimmer. The gold shimmer is more prominent in the bottle but once on the nail, it blends in with the color and isn’t that noticeable.

The formula was good. It’s a little too runny in my opinion, but very workable. It’s plaques but I always think that any nail polish needs two coats no matter how opaque the first coat it.

As far as the color, it’s not my favorite, but it is different than any other color i have which is always a plus. It’s a great fall/winter color. I just wish it was a tad bit lighter of a green so it doesn’t just look black on the nail.

Removal wasn’t bad, it came off pretty easily with acetone.

Here’s the gallery of the color.


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