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Valentine Nails of the week

Here is what I wore on my nails for this LOVE-ly week 😉

This was a week I wish I had my nail art striper polishes. I love doing Valentine’s Day nail art but whatevs. I did my nails three times this week but I didn’t have time to do separate posts so here they all go in one piece!

Doodle Hearts
First I did pretty pink nails with silver hearts. The pink is OPI Pink-ing Of You, the silver is Essie No Place Like Chrome and the black is what little I could scrape of my nail striper polish. I was going for neat hearts but the striper was so dry that I went for the sketched hearts look.

Pretty in Sparkles
After a couple of days I chewed my nail polish off (I didn’t have any nail polish remover 😔). The pink is OPI Por Favor and I just placed the holographic sparkles from OPI I Snow You Love Me into a heart with a bobby pin. Cuteeeeee. I also cut my nails here, I’ve been craving to go back to the neat and polished nail look, mainly because my almond-shaped nails started breaking 😪.

Matte Red Hot
For Valentine’s Day I painted my nails red with Zoya America and topped it off with OPI Matte Topcoat. I LOVED this look. Chic and it looked great against my skin tone IMO. I was bored in class as we’ll and drew on hearts with my pencil. It looked pretty cool but they were gone by the end of the day.


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