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OPI 2014 Spring and Summer Collection

Here are the polishes I’m most excited to pick up from the 2014 OPI Brazil Spring and Summer Collection. I kind of heard about this collection a little late, like around a couple weeks ago. But when I did find out about it, I knew it would be good. And when I did a search for the swatches, I came across The PolishAholic’s Page. The colors are so neat, but since I’m a college student, I unfortunately don’t have the money to shell out $108 *le sigh*. So here are the colors I’m interested in getting. I’ll do swatch pictures when I actually get them.

I personally like all the colors, but again, I can only buy a few.

On the To-Pick-Up List:

-Amazon…Amazoff (6th in picture): Hands down my favorite! It’s a gorgeous teal. i don’t have anything like it in my collection. It’s deep but not dark, so it’s pop nicely on my tan skin. CAN’T WAIT!

-Live.Love.Carnaval (2nd in picture): I just know this color will pop. It’s a bright pinky orange coral. It’s more orange than pink.

-Toucan Do It If You Try (3rd in picture: Is another coral orange, but this is really orange and I have nothing like it in my collection. This may be the one I don’t get. It’ll be an in store decision lol.


Liquid Sand Minis: These are so cute and vibrant I’ll just have to pick them up. Plus I don’t own any Liquid Sands because I don’t think I’ll use them a lot, so the fact that these are mini sized, it’ll be great to finally buy some!



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