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Celebritue: Lorde’s 2014 Grammys nails

Wowzers! What a statement. Here’s a quick post on what I think of Lorde’s nails for the 2014 Grammys cuz ya girl has homework to finish!

Lorde went on to perform her hit song “Royals” tonight on the Grammys award show. It was gothical, definitely anti-pop culture with sick beat remix [I’m a total Lorde fan]. She has become known for her “creepy-esque” dance moves but hey, she’s doing her! I totally love her style and what she stands for because I can totally relate!

On to her nails tho…..

She has black nails and black fingertips. I know many were appalled by this, but actually, this is a style I’ve come across many times. Since I am Middle Eastern, Henna is widely used to decorate our hands. And a style I’ve seen by young edgy women wearing henna is the “dipped fingers effect” My guess on how Lorde got the look was by nail polish because it was on and off during the show. But for a longer lasting effect, I’d suggest the black henna paste.

What do you guys think? I’ll post tomorrow as updates on new mani’s from the award show come out.

56th GRAMMY Awards - Show

**Picture off of E! Online


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