E! Online’s 2014 Grammys Mani Cam

From colorful to plain all the way to self names, here are some top picks from E! Online’s Mani Cam. 

**All pictures were found on online and are off E! Online.


Miley Cyrus had on a basic white canvas, which she’s sported many times before. Her twist on last nights show was each nail had a printed letter to spell out her name, M-I-L-E-Y. I think it’s simple yet chic because of the statement.

miley cyrus_0



Rita Ora had very comical nails. To be honest, I loved her nails, but not for an award show setting. Each nail carried a different message or persona. There was the batman logo, a smiley face, what looked like the head of a frog, a mustache, and he thumbs were hidden. Yeah they’re nice, but I think she could have had them glammed up a little more.



Katy Perry ( a soon to be Celebritude) is known for her many nail art looks. She never disappoints. But last night she took the safe side and went for a soft pink. I would have liked to see something more but playing it soft and cute never hurts anyone.

katy perry _1


Other celebrities including Anna Farris who had a sheer nude or maybe just a clear top-coat and Kathy Griffin with gold nails. Other than that nothing really stood out. I hope next year’s nails will live up to their potentials.



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