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Sparkly Light Green nails Ft: Revlon Wintermint nail polish

Revlon’s Parfumerie nail polish in Wintermint is such a pretty mermaid-y color that has me in love!

I recently got to pick a free gift with purchase from Ulta. It was one of Revlon’s  Parfumerie nail polishes. I haven’t heard much about them and didn’t think of checking any of them out since I tend to save my money and buy higher end nail polish. I was excited when I saw I got to pick a free nail polish because C’MON! WHO DOESN’T LOVE FREE STUFF?! I went through the colors online and saw a green one labeled as Wintermint. I did a Google search and holy crap–it was a dupe for Deborah Lippmann’s Mermaid’s Dreams. DL Mermaid’s Dream is a color I’ve been dying to get my hands on, but I haven’t the guts to shell out the money for it.

This lovely color [Wintermint] is a light sea-foam green with tiny silver and green glitters, along with larger aqua blue circle glitter. When it dries it smells like a mix of peppermint and mint leaves. It’s nice and I can still smell it under my topcoat.  I still want to pick up DL Mermaid’s Dream because of the collector in me, but this color will do for now.

I layered for this look. For my base I did two coats of China Glaze’s Unpredictable–which is a metallic yellow-green with blue undertones. It’s a beautiful color on its own.



Then I did one coat of Revlon’s Wintermint which immediately softened the look and made it much more light green based.



Nails by Nailitude


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