Teal nails with glitter accent nails

I couldn’t resist and just had to change my nail polish. It’s fun to find matching glitter to your main nail polish color.

Okay, so I have a bad habit. I would say a really bad one. I have the habit of not chewing my nails, but chewing off my nail polish. Even with the gel nail polish I just had on. I didn’t have to soak off anything because I peeled it of basically with my teeth. *SIGH* Anyone else with the same bad habit. I know I’m not the only one. Let me know if you have the same habit in the comments.

So anyways, I did a quick and basic nail look. For the teal, I used Essie Naughty Nautical. It’s a pretty muted teal with a slight silver flecks. The yellow is Opi Fiercely Fiona. I went with a glitter that matched my main nail color, which was Opi Gone Gonzo!



Nails by Nailitude


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