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How to: Half Moon nails

Half moon nails can refresh any Mani and give it a new look. And using these stickers make it even easier.

When the polish on my tips wears away and I don’t have time to repaint them, I go for the half moon mani. All you need is a dry polish base (that’s why it’s good if you have previously painted nails), another color, reinforcement stickers, and a top coat to seal everything in. It’s too easy.

1. Press the stickers on your nails. Since your nails were painted days ago, this is perfect since nothing will get messed up.


2. Paint from the curved line of the sticker up, not the entire nail.


3. Peel off sticker and add top coat. Told ya it’s easy.

The base color is Essie Damsel in a Dress, which I painted a few days ago. The beautiful glitter is Butter London The Black Knight.


Nails by Nailitude


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