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Lost Favorite: Revlon Starry Pink

A delicate pink with silver glitter that can make any girl feel like a sophisticated princess. ^_^

For the past couple of days, I’ve had Revlon Starry Pink on my nails. Today I removed it but I still wanted to dedicate a post to it. This polish is one of my “lost favorites”, meaning I’ve had this polish for a long time that I forgot about how much I love it.

It’s a unique light dusty milky pink with silver hexagonal glitter and tiny circle glitter. Some of the glitters get covered by the milky polish but others stand out and sparkle. It is truly unique and I plan on buying a backup bottle (which I have never done before).

The wear is also pretty good. I usually get chips very quickly but only after the third day did I notice chips. I also filed my nails to an almond tip which can give any nail look a chic feature, especially with glitters. However, removal was a PAIN. The aluminum foil method helped a lot(there’s a video in the YouTube vids page on my blog) but still, it took a little extra scrubbing with acetone. It’s still worth the beautiful color to me. Here are some pics, enjoy!




Nails by Nailitude


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